Concept of Community

The Concept of a Covenant Community

 Classical Christian Academy is a community of parents, students and teachers who are not only like-minded in terms of their Christian beliefs, but in their common interests, desires and application of Biblical truth as it relates to marriage, family, child-rearing and educational methods and goals. We are drawn together as a community by how we define church, home and school, and by the order in which we place the priority of these institutions. The decisions we make as a community are based on the spiritual and philosophical congruity represented in our faith, our families and our educational choices.

Faith – We are a community of Christian believers. We represent many different churches and denominations, but we agree on the essentials of the historic Christian faith and we hold in common a personal declaration of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We believe in the importance of personal spiritual growth, as it reflects on all aspects of our life. We believe in the importance of the local church, which is made up of believers who gather for worship, fellowship, and teaching.  Therefore, we are committed to regular church attendance and involvement and in pursuit of personal, spiritual maturity.

Family – We are a community of people who have made a commitment to building a strong family identity. We believe that parents are responsible for the spiritual and moral training of their children and we are actively involved in the pursuit and practice of Biblical principles in our homes.

School – We are a community of educators committed to a high level of involvement in our children’s education. We value the input of Christian teachers and are committed to a relationship with them as partners for the benefit of our children’s academic excellence.

 Being a parent at CCA does call for a greater commitment, dedication and investment than at many other schools. At CCA, parents are required to agree to the following commitments upon their child’s enrollment:

  1.  Each Family regularly attends a local church. Being involved beyond just the Worship service is important to the spiritual growth of each member of the family and is encouraged.
  2. Each family has completed a Christian based parenting class that focuses on the heart of a child and the importance of a strong marriage to the overall success and strength of the family.  In addition, in the Upper School years, we are committed to learning and teaching our children about purity and dating. We understand that simply taking a parenting course does not guarantee responsible parenting or perfect children; however, the heart of this requirement is that our families be recognized as people who are actively striving toward a standard of moral excellence in their homes.
  3. Parents at CCA are dedicated to taking the responsibility for the moral and academic training of their children. Further, they are committed to a high level of involvement in their educational instruction by being co-instructors with the teachers, as well as volunteering their time regularly in the classroom and for other school-related tasks.
  4. We are a fellowship of Christians having a commonality of purpose and thought regarding the Biblical mandates governing marriage and the training of our children.

We understand that taking a class, attending church regularly or being committed to teaching and training does not guarantee anything.  However, at the heart of our commitment is that we are recognized as people who share a common vision and a common goal for the spiritual, moral and academic education of our children. It is our desire that the environment on campus complements and reinforces the Christ-centered environments of the families at home.

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