Qualifications of Teachers

The teachers at CCA are partners with the families of our school. Their role is to work with the parents to instruct and train students in all subject areas assigned by the school board/administration. Included in those expectations are planning, reporting, and communication with the administration and team leaders. Further, the teachers will seek to establish and maintain an environment in the classroom, which promotes growth and maturity; this includes spiritual, academic, emotional, social and physical growth. Their role in discipline is to reinforce moral training that is already being taught at home, not vice versa. Their role is to uphold the school’s view that the parents are first and foremost responsible for their child’s education. The relationship between the parent and the teacher will be based on trust and a mutual desire to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all that is taught to our children.Job Qualifications.  The teacher shall:

1) Have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. (Florida Teacher Certification is preferred, but not mandatory)

2) Have received Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior.

3) Uphold, support and believe in the school’s Statement of Faith.

4) Be a member in good standing at a local church, which has a Statement of Faith in agreement with CCA’s Statement of Faith.

5) Have spiritual maturity, academic ability, and personal leadership qualities to be able to partner with parents to “train up a child in the way he should go.” Proverbs 22:6.

6) Be able to serve as a mentor for our students with exemplary, Godly character.

7) Have completed or complete within one year, a parenting course approved by the school. (This requirement can also be met with Teacher in-service training)

Successfully pass and submit to a thorough National and State background check. This will include fingerprinting by a Law Enforcement Officer.

It is preferred that applicants have prior homeschooling experience or experience teaching in a hybrid model school. Given our model, employment is part-time.

K-12th grade Teacher Applicants click here for: Instructional Employment Application

1st-12th grade Elective applicants click here: Employment Application



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