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House System

CCA House System


What is the purpose? CCA has instituted a House System to provide our students with opportunities for community building, leadership, and service. We also hope to foster a deeper sense of school unity while nurturing relationships among students of different ages and improve our sense of community.

How will it work? All families and teachers have been sorted into one of four Houses.  For our first year, we are going to start slow and integrate the House system with events or activities that are already a part of CCA. Families and teachers will earn points for their House for participation in things like: Field Trips, Upper School Social Events, and Community Service. We will end the year with the four Houses competing in the Maverick games.

Points earned are typically:

  • 1 pt for every person (including staff and sometimes parents too) that participates. 10 points to the House that wins and 5 points to the most spirited.
  • Optional for 2017-2018 School Year: If you sponsor a House-wide (all school) event- your House receives 20 points. If you hold a House-Only event, your House gets 10 points. Each student attending gets one point and the House with the most participation will get 10 extra points. (see below)

*We will advertise any changes from this before an event*

Need some other ideas? How about organizing a House social event or community service opportunity! Share your idea with your House Captain, House Parent or House Staff. It can be for just your House or you can invite other Houses to join you. To get points for participation, the event or community service project needs to be approved, so be sure to speak to one of your House representatives.

What are the Houses? Our Houses are named after influential Christian missionaries. The Houses are: (Amy) Carmichael, (Eric) Liddell, (Jim) Elliot and (Gladys) Aylward. To see which House your family has been assigned to, please check the CCA House Sort 2017 document found in Jupiter. Note your House color too. On certain days throughout the year, you will be asked to wear your House color. Students will also have opportunities throughout the year to learn more about these influential missionaries.