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Our Days

Thank you for choosing Classical Christian Academy to be part of your child’s educational experience. We’re so grateful to get to partner with you!

There are several special events that happen at CCA each year. Here’s a list of what’s coming up to help you get prepared. All school events are updated on the Calendar page. The Parent Partner schedule has its own calendar.

CHAPEL takes place the first Friday of each month. Students learn about developing the character of Christ and are recognized for various achievements.  It’s a time of fellowship, worship and learning.

*ALTERNATE SCHEDULE: The Upper School class times shift to accommodate the time for Chapel. Please view the alternative schedule that was handed out at Orientation.

PARENT PARTNER DAYS: We believe our unique model works because we partner together to support each other. One way parents support CCA is by committing to spend five days during the year serving in our school. Please see the Parent Partner Calendar page to find your assigned days and additional information.

PARENT MEETINGS: Once every quarter the CCA staff and parents come together to make sure we’re all on the same page. At these meetings, we provide training, school updates, and an opportunity for parents to break off with their students’ teachers for class-specific information. In addition, each committee is given a short time to meet. It is mandatory for at least one parent to attend these meetings. They are usually held on a Tuesday evening.

AT-HOME EDUCATION DAYS: These days are national holidays that fall on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday when we would typically be at school. Lesson plans aren’t prepared for these days. So, you have a choice: you can plan at least three hours of an educational experience for your student and submit an At-Home-Education Day Form, or your student can take an absence.

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM: This dinner and concert takes place at the school shortly before Christmas break. Every year the entertainment is a little bit different, as our students’ interests and abilities change and grow. You can expect to fully enjoy an evening of fellowship with other CCA families.

HISTORY DAY: Our K-12 students study the same period of time for the entire year, but customize the lessons by grade. The periods rotate between ancient history, medieval times, colonial America and modern history. In the spring, we work together to set up educational booths and events to make history come alive for our students.

TALENT SHOW: After auditioning, chosen students perform on stage and demonstrate their unique gifts and talents. All CCA families are invited to the dinner and performance. This evening is usually scheduled in April or May.

FIELD TRIPS: Each year, CCA families take at least one big field trip together that has to do with our studies in history and/or science. We make sure students from K-12 will enjoy the experience.