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At Classical Christian Academy, we believe education and seeking knowledge are keys to success. We want to recognize and reward students who demonstrate effort and achieve exceptional results in their studies, and those who wish to expand their understanding of God’s great creation by trying something new.

Things to Know About CCA’s Scholarship Program:

Our scholarships are 100% funded by donations. As such, available funds may vary from year-to-year. If you know of an individual or organization that may be interested in donating to CCA’s Scholarship Fund, please contact us at 

Scholarships will be awarded on merit, not need. CCA does have Tuition Assistance to help families who need help to meet the costs of providing a private, Christian education at CCA. Families may apply for Tuition Assistance at the time of Enrollment.

Scholarships are awarded to individual students – not a family. More than one student in a family may apply for the same scholarship. A student may also apply for more than one scholarship. 


Identify Available Scholarships (In the following list, those with funded amounts following them.) For details about each scholarship, read our Scholarship Brochure.

GROUP A -Deadline March 16, 2018. Use this link: GROUP A APPLICATION

  • Connections Scholarship 
  • Hybrid Scholarship 
  • Multiple Child Scholarship 
  • Curriculum Scholarship 

GROUP B-Deadlines vary. Please check with the appropriate staff person.  Use this link: GROUP B APPLICATION

  • Music & Arts Elective Scholarship – Due by July 15th Submit to 
  • Physical Education Scholarship – Due by July 15th. Submit to Stacie Smith at 
  • Athletic Scholarship – Available for the 2017-2018 School Year (Athletic Director
  • Field Trip Scholarship – Available for the 2017-2018 School Year (Field Trip Chair Person

1) Determine Your Student’s Eligibility
Students enrolled in either the Hybrid or Connections programs may apply if they meet the following criteria:

–  K-12th Grade
–  3.5 Overall GPA

2) Print, Read, Complete and Submit a Scholarship Application

For Group A, use the application form sub-titled GROUP A listing the 4 scholarship choices and the inclusion criteria. 

For Group B, use the application sub-titled GROUP B listing the 4 scholarship choices and the inclusion criteria.

Forms will be returned to the Front Office by the application deadline.  Late applications will NOT be accepted.  

3) Applications Reviewed by Scholarship Committee
Names will be removed from applications to share with the Committee. The Committee will review all applications, vote and prepare its recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. 

4) Nominations Presented to the Board of Directors

The names will be added back to the nominated scholarships and the information is given to the Board of Directors’ representative for presentation to the Board.

5) Scholarships Announced & Awarded

Families will be notified of awarded scholarships as soon as the Board makes its final decision. This will be handled by the school Principal or her designee.

6) Award Presentation
All Scholarship A Recipients who receive scholarships in a school calendar year (August-May) and will be recognized at the Spring Talent Show. Scholarship donors will be invited to the program.

8) Thank You Letters
Students will write thank you letters and turn them in no later than the following dates. The Development Director will forward them onto the appropriate donor.

Group A: June 1
Group B: Within 1 month of award