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Guest Student Enrollment

Welcome New CCA Guest Student Families!

We’re excited you’re considering CCA for your student. Our admissions process starts with completing some online forms and participating in a family interview. If all goes well (and we hope it does), this stage will end with your family’s acceptance into our Guest Student Program!

Am I eligible to apply to CCA?

If you say yes to the following, you are eligible to apply to Classical Christian Academy:

  • You are believers and followers of Jesus Christ, regularly attend a local church, and fully support and agree with our Statement of Faith
  • You are registered with the County as a homeschooler or some other similar Umbrella program. Your student will NOT be considered a CCA private school student.
  • You are able to teach and/or oversee your student on Tuesday and Thursday with the courses they are taking at CCA.
  • The student will be in 7th-12th grade.

I’m eligible, what’s next? 

Review the following documents:


We want this to be a smooth and easy transition for your family. Below, review the stages of the admissions process.

  1. Tour campus (optional)
  2. Complete and submit online the Enrollment Application, Financial Agreement, and your enrollment fee. 
  3. CCA will contact you to schedule a family interview.
  4. You will sign up to attend any on-campus courses during enrollment. Here is the Upper School Schedule: 2019-2020 Schedule

If you have any questions, please contact Guest Student Administrator, Kelly Driskell,

Before you begin:

  1. 7th-12th grade- If you are interested in classes on-campus please review the schedule: 2019-2020 Upper School Schedule_
  2. Elective classes are chosen over the summer.
  3. You will complete your Financial Agreement as a part of your online application. You will receive an emailed copy of your application and financial agreement.
  4. You will need 30-45 minutes to enroll. You can save the document and come back too.
  5. Students will need to sign a portion of the online enrollment document.
  6. Be prepared to pay the enrollment fee at the time you enroll. You can pay through Paypal using a debit or credit card.
  7. You should know what your plan is for payment.

STEP 1: Complete the Application, Financial Agreement and pay your enrollment fee.

□ Click the button at the bottom of this page to access the online application form. After clicking on the “Enroll Now” button, you will create a log-in account. You do this in the event your application submission is interrupted. You will pay your enrollment fee during the online process.

□  You will complete the Financial Agreement during the online enrollment process. You will receive an email confirmation of your successful submission of your Financial Agreement. You will complete, sign and return this form electronically. Families that are interested in Electives will make selections over the summer and their Financial Agreement will then be updated. Classes are not guaranteed to be available. Hybrid and then Connection students have first preference. We will contact you immediately if a class becomes closed. 

□   Church Reference: You will complete the release for us to send the reference to your church as part of the online enrollment process. We recommend you contact the person who you have listed for your reference and ask that the reference is returned quickly. You must have a positive reference to move on to the next step.

□   Complete the New Student Application (one per student).

STEP 2: The Interview

□   You will be called for an interview within 7 days of receipt of your application and positive Church Reference.

□   Please bring any student that is applying for the interview.

♦ Gather or complete for interview:

□   Medical Emergency Form You must print this form and get it notarized.  On most days, there is someone in the office that can assist you with this at no cost.

STEP 3: The Interview

During the interview you will:

□    Bring your Medical Emergency Form. 

STEP 4: After the Interview

Please allow two weeks for processing. Please note: We must have all documents listed in Step 1 & 2 before acceptance into the program is given.

STEP 5: Acceptance

□  You will receive an acceptance letter

♦   You will be asked to mail, email or drop off within 7 days:

□  Recent School Physical

□  Immunization record or exemption (official)

□   Copy of birth certificate


Here are the important dates for you to note:

· FEBRUARY 20: Open enrollment for new families begins. 

·  April 1: Starting on this date, the enrollment fee increases to $375.