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Steps to Enrollment

Enrollment opens on Monday, February 12, 2018, for new families!

We’re excited you’re considering CCA’s Hybrid Program for your student. Our admissions process starts with completing some online forms, participating in a family interview, and will lead to student placement testing. If all goes well (and we hope it does), this stage will end with your family’s acceptance to Classical Christian Academy!

Am I eligible to apply to CCA?

If you say yes to the following, you are eligible to apply to Classical Christian Academy:

  • You are believers and followers of Jesus Christ, regularly attend a local Christian church, and fully support and agree with our Statement of Faith
  • Where applicable, your previous school financial records are free and clear and your student’s grade and records can be transferred upon request.
  • You are able to teach your student on Tuesdays and Thursdays and understand you’re expected to serve on-campus 4 times throughout the year.
  • Review our Concept of a Covenant Community to learn about the families at CCA and to make sure you are in agreement.

I’m eligible! What’s next?

Steps to Enrollment 

STEP 1: Complete the Application, Financial Agreement and pay your enrollment fee.

 □    Complete the online enrollment process

Starting February 12th, an “Enroll Now” button will appear at the bottom of this page.  You will pay your enrollment fee of $395 during the online process, plus $100 for each additional student you are enrolling.  It increases starting May 1st, so be sure you enroll before then. 

□  You will complete the Financial Agreement as part of the enrollment process online. If we do not accept your family into our program, then your Financial Agreement is voided.  If you are offered a scholarship and it is not enough, then you can end enrollment at CCA and your financial agreement is voided. The enrollment fee is non-refundable and non-transferable unless CCA does not admit the family.  

□    Turn in the Administrator or Teacher Reference Form to your student’s current school (if applicable). Please be sure to follow up so there is no delay in the enrollment process. (Do not send this to CCA until enrollment opens for new families)

□    If you are applying for a scholarship you will complete the application online.

□   Church Reference: Complete and return the release for us to send the reference to your church. We recommend you contact the person who you have listed for your reference and ask that the reference is returned quickly. You must have this step complete to move on to the next step.

□   Complete the New Student Application(one per student) as part of the enrollment application.

□   Complete Student Records Request form (if applicable).

STEP 2: Called for Interview

□   Once you have completed all of the documents in Step 1 and we have received your positive church reference, an email will be sent with a link to conveniently pick the day and time of your family interview.  Both parents and student(s) should attend this interview.

♦ Gather or complete for interview: (Do not send to CCA until you have been called for an interview)

□   Copies of student’s most recent report card

□   Standardized testing and/or portfolio review

□   Completed New High School Student Credit Transfer Form (if applicable). You can work on this now, to have it ready for the interview. Do not send this to CCA until Enrollment Opens for new families. 

□   Medical Emergency Form You must print this form and get it notarized. On most days, there is someone in the office that can assist you with this at no cost.

STEP 3: The Interview

During the interview you will:

□    Schedule your child(ren) for new student testing if you haven’t already.

□    Bring all forms and documents listed in Step 2.

STEP 4: After the Interview

Please allow two weeks for processing. Please note: We must have a favorable administrator/teacher reference (if applicable), copies of prior test scores, report cards or portfolio reviews, and all documents listed in Step 1 & 2 before acceptance is given. New families must complete all required documents listed in Step 5 within 7 days of your acceptance letter or your student will be removed from the class. You are welcome to turn in these documents at any point during the process. Please communicate any delays immediately. In addition, if you applied for a scholarship, we will wait until a decision by CCA has been made before offering admission. We want you to have all of the information you need before you commit to CCA.

STEP 5: Acceptance

□  You will receive an acceptance letter

♦   You will have 7 days from the date of your acceptance letter to return all documents or your student will be removed from the class:

□  Recent School Physical

□  Immunization record or exemption (official)

□   Copy of birth certificate

Have a question or concern? Please contact the school at 239-543-1532 or by email at