Community Player

Meet CCA Student Athlete

Name: AndrewAndrewW

Grade: 7th

Sport: Basketball, Soccer, Ice Hockey

Team: CCA Mavericks & Jr. Everblades

CCA Program:  Hybrid


What team(s) did you choose to play for this year?

I played ice hockey at Germain Arena, and basketball and soccer at CCA. I was on the middle school basketball team and the Mighty Mavs soccer team.


How did you find out about this team?

We get fliers sent home when its time to sign up for CCA teams. I just heard about ice hockey when I tried skating at open skate one day. 


What was the hardest part of playing for this team?

Traveling for hockey was the hardest part. We played out of town every other weekend.


What was the best part of playing for this team?

I made a lot of friends who go to schools all over. I liked getting to play with them in-between our games. 


Did you feel like you were welcomed as a member of the team? What made you feel this way?

Yes. Even though this was my first time playing on the travel team, I got to play in the power plays and other important times with my team. 

When I played for CCA, I knew my coaches trusted me to try my best and gave me playing time even though I was one of the youngest players on the team. In basketball, the older kids were nice to me and encouraged me just like they did with the kids in their own grades. 


What opportunities did you experience that are unique to playing with this team?

Our school doesn’t have a hockey team, and that’s my favorite sport. You kind of have to choose to play with the Everblades or Eels if you want to play around here.

I liked playing on the CCA teams. It was fun to play with the middle school players and with my friends.


Will you play again next year? Why or why not?

I will if the schedules work out again. It was kind of lucky this year that I could play hockey and play for CCA too.


Did CCA’s schedule help you?

Yes. I could leave from school and get to my practices and [weekday] games. I saw other kids there hurrying through their homework and I was glad I didn’t have to do that. I got to play with my team, eat dinner and not worry about homework.

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