Connections CCA Player

Meet CCA Student Athlete 


Name: Bryce 

Grade: 6th

Sport: Might Mavs Soccer & Basketball, Middle School Basketball and Soccer

Team: CCA Mavericks 

CCA Program: Connections


What team(s) have you played on?

Mighty Mavs Soccer and Basketball, Middle School Basketball and Middle School Soccer


How did you find out about this team?

My parents saw some info at Open House and then went onto the website for more information and we heard from friends about the team.


Was it difficult to join the team? What did that process look like for you and your family? 

No, it was not hard to get involved. We spoke with the Athletic Director and he helped us through the process and we also reviewed the athletics website.


What was the hardest part of playing for this team?

Sometimes it was really tough because I had to work hard and bring my best to every practice and game.


What was the best part of playing for this team?

Being with my friends and having fun made getting started easier. Good coaches helped me feel a part of the team. Also, the team picnic introduction day was fun and I got to see everyone before practices started


Did you feel like you were welcomed as a member of the team? What made you feel this way?

Yes, I felt welcomed and the coaches and teammates were fun to be around.


What opportunities did you experience that are unique to playing with this team?

Our teams are very competitive and have great coaches. I got to know my teammates well. We played hard but also learned about respect and good sportsmanship.


Will you play again next year? Why or why not?

Yes, because I had fun and I like to play hard. It is fun to be a part of a team.



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