Public School Player

Meet CCA Student Athlete Kendal 


Name: Kendal 

Grade: 12th

Sport: Soccer

Team: Cape Coral Cyclones and North Fort Myers High School

CCA Program:  Hybrid


What team(s) did you choose to play for this year? 

I chose to play for North Fort Myers High School, which is a public school.


How did you find out about this team?

My parents and I asked around and looked up the records of the high schools in my area to see what program would work for us. North Fort Myers High School stood out to us because of their record and location. We had heard good things about the coach and players.


Was it difficult to join the team? What did that process look like for you and your family? 

It wasn’t difficult at all, really. All it took was patience for an opening for school choice. After turning in certain paperwork, it was smooth sailing from there.


Do you wish you could be on a CCA team for this sport and level? Why or why not?

If CCA could have a team that had the same level of play, then yes.


What was the hardest part of playing for this team?

It was challenging to keep up with the older and more experienced players. However, being exposed to that level of play has made me a better player. 


What was the best part of playing for this team?

The higher level of play was a huge draw to me from the very beginning. The competitive nature of the team has increased my development as a player.


Did you feel like you were welcomed as a member of the team? What made you feel this way?

I was definitely welcomed. Everyone has been so kind and encouraging – coaching staff and teammates alike. 


What opportunities did you experience that are unique to playing with this team?

Because of the quality of the players and coaching staff, we won the District Championship, a feat North Fort Myers High School hasn’t done since 1998.


Will you play again next year? Why or why not?

I will play next year because playing with this team helped me become a better soccer player. 


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