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Classical Education

We believe the most effective way to create both an academically challenging and Christ-centered school is through the method known as the classical approach to education. Essentially, the classical approach emphasizes the need to become thinkers and learners. 

The classical approach divides learning into three stages which coincide roughly with the three stages of development through which children pass. These three stages of learning are commonly called the Trivium, which means “three-fold way.” The trivium is categorized into 

  1. Grammar (memorizing facts)
  2. Logic (analysis and reason)
  3. Rhetoric (expression)

Anytime a subject is introduced, students progress through all three stages. Some subjects require the students’ entire education to cover all three stages (math, writing, Bible), while others introduce all three stages in the course of a class (Spanish, chemistry, botany).  

Why Latin?

CCA students study Latin in first through eighth grades. While considered a “dead” language, approximately 50% of our English words and 80% of Romance language words come from Latin. Understanding the origins of our words can help students acquire and decode English as well as other modern, living languages.

In addition, Latin is an analytical language. To properly translate and use Latin, students must memorize the meanings of base words and consider the grammatical use and endings of each word in a sentence. When students study Latin, they are learning how to learn.


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