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How do classical Christian schools use technology?


Technology at CCA serves as a supportive tool to meet our students’ needs. We are thoughtful and careful in our approach to integrating technology and believe it is not about the tool, but about the experience and opportunity, the tool provides. In alignment with our philosophy, we seek technology use that deepens and enhances the learning experience of our students.

Teaching students a balanced, disciplined, effective, and Christ-honoring application of technology is critical for preparing them beyond their time at CCA. As we continue to grow – both in our knowledge of technology and its uses within the context of a classical, Christian education – we work to ensure that every student’s experience with technology expands his or her view of and ability to interact with God’s world. We believe that technology is not a replacement for quality instruction but can be used to supplement the effective teaching that already takes place throughout our school.

In the Lower School, students have teacher-monitored access to iPads and laptops to use as part of their assignment if the teacher deems its use would enhance learning. Lower school students also take a typing and basic computer elective. Technology use in the lower school is limited. This doesn’t mean that technology is absent from the classrooms, only that we use it on a limited basis during the elementary years.  As students get older, they will access technology on a more regular basis.

In the Upper School, integrating technology into the curriculum continues to deepen the learning experiences of the students. Students learn to use technology for research, collaboration, communication, and the collection and manipulation of data. Activities that require more in-depth research, like research papers and senior Capstone projects are effectively researched on school or home computers. Middle School students must pass a words per minute typing test before moving on to a computer skills class. Students begin typing their own papers in middle school. Upper School students take an online live science class each week and utilize Canvas to interact with their teacher. Students can use school computers or bring their own device. High School students can take a VLOG class that creates, edits and posts to CCA’s private YouTube channel. Students in Personal Finance and Worldview use Sharepoint to share documents and discuss ideas. Any upper school family can request the free use of Microsoft Office Suite which includes: Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.  Students must get their lesson plans and communicate with teachers via Jupiter Ed, our student information system.

For all students: Our mobile computer lab is equipped with laptop computers and high-speed internet. Students can read a book on an e-book device, although most parents and students prefer a physical book. Latin students can utilize a website to practice what they are learning. Juno, tied to our Student Information system, provides students with the opportunity to submit answers to quizzes, tests and prompts electronically. TV’s equipped with Chromecast are integrated into school classrooms for visual display. Teachers have access to projectors and doc cameras to enhance or support what students are learning.