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Our Team

Our Team

Lower School

Mrs. Sarah Flower, Kindergarten  Teacher

Mrs. Donna Jennings, 1st & 2nd grade Teacher

Mrs. Jessica Eastman, 3rd & 4th grade Teacher

Ms. Julie Maddux, 5th & 6th grade Teacher

Michelle Edwards, Math and Language Arts

Tricia Urbanek, Math and Language Arts

Mrs. Tabitha Dillehay, Assistant Principal for Lower School

Upper School

Mrs. Shawna Christenson, Upper School English, History & Athletic Director

Mr. Rich Rowe, Physical Education

Mrs. Esther Repke, Spanish

Mrs. Delina Caldwell, Upper School Teacher

Mrs. Christi Cecil, Upper School Assistant Principal

Cheryl Hardman, Science

Celest Puls, Upper School Teacher

Administrative and Support Staff

Mrs. Amy Davis, Principal, CEO, Founder

Mrs. Debbie Briggs, Teachers’ Assistant, Curriculum Coordinator

Mrs. Cindy Prechtel, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Brenda Clapper, Business Manager

Mrs. Jennifer Loerzel, Business Office Assistant

Mrs. Laura Lott, Receptionist

Amanda White, Administrative Assistant, Registrar, Business office


Leslie Edvenson, Resource Teacher      

                      Rebecca Moldovan, Marketing Director, Upper School Teacher          

COVID-19 Update:


Based on the recommendations from the Florida Department of Education, CCA will extend its on-campus closure until May 1, 2020.

CCA Hybrid families will continue their at-home learning plan with the support of lesson plans, teachers manuals, online live classes, and virtual tutoring.

Our campus is closed, but we are still learning and here for you! Email us at or text with us M-F, 9-5 at 941-229-0927.