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Classical Christian Academy is an innovative  K-12 private school. Since 2004, our Hybrid program has provided the best of both learning environments as it combines the benefits of home education and private classical, Christian education.

Rather than simply filling students’ minds with facts, we go further to develop a student’s ability to think, reason, read, write and speak well. Discover how Classical Christian Academy develops students who love to learn, parents who are in partnership with teachers, and an education that is foundationally taught from a biblical worldview.

COVID-19 Update:


Based on the recommendations from the Florida Department of Education, CCA will extend its on-campus closure until May 1, 2020.

CCA Hybrid families will continue their at-home learning plan with the support of lesson plans, teachers manuals, online live classes, and virtual tutoring.

Our campus is closed, but we are still learning and here for you! Email us at or text with us M-F, 9-5 at 941-229-0927.