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 →  New families should wait until they have their placement results before buying curriculum.

2020-2021 Curriculum List

We recommend all curriculum be purchased by July 9th to ensure the curriculum arrives on time for the start of school. Questions? Contact CCA at or new families can ask their Mentors too. 

RETURNING STUDENTS: Your student will move on to the next level of Math and Reading unless student is repeating.

Visit CCA's Facebook Curriculum Board:

  • Posting? 1) Include only curriculum that will be used for the upcoming school year. 2) Please privately exchange personal information.  3) If your curriculum sells, please post a reply stating that the curriculum SOLD. 4) It is your responsibility to make arrangements to get the curriculum to the purchasing family. We recommend: Last day of school, Summer Fun Activities, or Orientation. 
  • Looking? 1) Please make sure that what you are buying is on the list of curriculum for the upcoming school year. Pay special attention to editions. 2) Make checks or give cash directly to the family. Do NOT send money or make out checks to CCA (unless we are selling it). 3) It is your responsibility to make arrangements with the seller to get your purchased curriculm. 
Click here for Curriculum Board: