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About Our Options

CCA carefully combined two models of education – group learning and homeschooling – to create a customized education program that works for students and families. Our unique hybrid model is the first of its kind in Southwest Florida and creates a true partnership between teachers, parents, and students. Our parents recognize they have a responsibility to educate their children and they choose to partner with CCA to achieve a common goal.

You have options!

  • Hybrid Students at CCA attend class and electives on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with their teachers and peers at school. On Tuesday and Thursday, students study at home with a parent using the teacher’s lesson plans. While our parents have significant responsibility and accountability, they don’t have the stress of selecting curriculum or the responsibility for preparing lessons. They get the benefit of spending two days with their children.
  • Connections Students at CCA are homeschooled five days a week. This is an umbrella program with various levels of homeschool support. Connections students have the option of attending CCA in the afternoon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for studies in the arts, music, athletics and more. Connections Upper School students can also have online and on-campus core class options. Families in this program are part of our school, yet have more flexibility in how and what they study. They may use the curriculum selections in our Hybrid program or make their own choices. Connections families can also have the help of our guidance counselor, which is particularly helpful as students prepare for college and careers. This program is an option for new families in grades K-10th only.
  • Guest Student- *NEW 2019-2020 School Year* Homeschool Students in 7th-12th grade can take up to 4 classes on campus. We also offer NCAA approved classes.

Classical Christian Academy is fully accredited through Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation and AdvancED.