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Connections Program


Classical Christian Academy’s Connections Program is an umbrella program where students are homeschooled five days a week. CCA accepts new students in K-7th grade. Connection students entering 8th grade can apply to continue in our Connections 8th-12th grade Upper School program. *NEW* 2019-2020 School Year- New students in K-10th grade can apply to enter our Connections Program. 

We recognize there are a lot of reasons families partner with Classical Christian Academy. Once enrolled, your student is enrolled in a private school. For the most part, our Connections families consider themselves homeschoolers and are seen this way by their peers. You just get the benefits of a little extra support from CCA.

Within our Connections Program, we offer three different levels of involvement with our school.

1) Stay at home in a full-time, parent-directed learning environment.

Families in this option choose to have little to no involvement with Classical Christian Academy. CCA serves as an umbrella school and provides annual portfolio reviews or standardized testing to show the student’s academic growth. Here is a link to our Connections Handbook.

2) Take Classes

Families who choose this option continue to homeschool but have students who attend CCA for select courses. Students in 7th– 12th grades may take up to four (4) class periods at CCA per day with a maximum of two (2) core classes per semester. (Please note: students may be required to take a placement test prior to acceptance into upper-level Math and English courses.)

  • Core Courses: 7th – 12th grade students can take core courses (math, science, history, English)
  • Academic Electives: 7th -12th grade students can take academic elective classes (Spanish, Worldview, Study Skills, Psychology, Personal Finance, Leadership, etc.)

*New* 2019-2020 School year students in K-6th grades can take Math and 4-6th grades Language Art classes on campus. 

3) Study Extracurricular Subjects

Many families choose to add Enrichment Electives to their students’ schedules. Students in 1st – 12th grades may take Enrichment Electives such as drama, martial arts, music, PE, forensic investigation, and art, as space allows in each class. Students in CCA’s Hybrid program are given priority placement. 


All students in our Connections programs may also choose to participate in the following educational and social activities:

  • Athletic teams 
  • Family Fellowship Days
  • Field Trips
  • History Day
  • Quarterly Parent Meetings
  • Summer Family Fun Days
  • Talent Show
  • Upper School Socials
  • Community Service

If you have any questions, please contact us at 239-543-1532.