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Hybrid FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Classical Christian Academy’s unique Hybrid program. Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please contact the school’s administrators.

What grades do you currently have?

CCA offers instruction for Kindergarten through 12th grade. We consider K-6th grade our Lower School and 7th-12th our Upper School. 

What are school days and times?

K-5th 9:00 am-3:30 pm- Monday, Wednesday and Friday

6th-12th 8:30 am-3:30 pm- Monday, Wednesday and Friday                

K-5th 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm – Monday, Wednesday and Friday              

6-11th 1:30 pm-2:30 pm – Monday, Wednesday and Friday

What is your class size?

Our average class size is between 10-14 students in the Lower School. Our average class size is between 12-16 in the Upper School.

Will my child need to be tested?

Yes. Incoming students will be tested before beginning classes. Students are tested in Grammar, Writing, Spelling, Reading, and Math. Kindergarten students are given a readiness test. 

Do you offer tuition assistance or scholarships?

We offer financial assistance to families. We want to make CCA financially accessible to as many families as we can. Families that are interested should apply for an Opportunity Scholarship.  CCA also has donation-funded, merit-based scholarships that may be available.

There is no greater gift a parent can give a child than that of a quality education. By selecting Classical Christian Academy, you are choosing an exceptional education that will provide a strong moral and spiritual foundation and intellectual skill to help your student become a strong Christian leader.

What are the tuition charges?

Classical Christian Academy offers an affordable quality education. This information can be found on the “Hybrid Tuition” page of our website.

Can tuition be paid on a monthly basis?

Yes. Tuition can be paid monthly, biannually or in one payment.

What is the parents’ role at home?

Parents of Lower School students will have lots of involvement in their student(s)’ daily classwork on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition to providing all of the necessary materials for assignments, parents are expected to follow the teacher’s manuals to teach lessons, oversee work completed, and reinforce difficult concepts. Most young children will require a parent’s help in understanding what work needs to be completed and keeping assignments organized. 

As students become independent learners, the parents’ role changes to coach and cheerleader, challenging and encouraging the student. Parents need to make sure the student has the proper materials, workplace, supplies and research resources available. As the student’s accountability partner, parents need to be familiar with what is expected of the student by checking each syllabus or notebook and making sure the student meets each due date for assignments.

Do you administer Standardized Tests?

Classical Christian Academy administers a nationally standardized academic achievement test to all students in 3rd grade and higher in the Spring of every school year. In 10th – 12th grade, students may take the PSAT, SAT and/or the ACT.

Standardized testing is designed to measure the student’s progress from the previous school year. Scores indicate the student’s progress and provide a measure of the educational effectiveness of the school. Parents will receive the test results for their child(ren). 

What are the core classes offered?

We offer a full program that includes: Bible, Reading, Math, Science, History, Grammar, Latin, Geography, etc. We offer a complete High School program with different diploma options. 

What curriculum is used at CCA?

CCA uses a variety of curriculum for its academic programs. The curricula are academically challenging and supportive of our goal of providing a classical Christian education for each subject and stage of The Trivium. 

 Why Study Latin?

The teaching of Latin is integral to classical education. Here are several reasons:

•80% of the English language is derived from Greek and Latin roots. Learning Latin helps in vocabulary building and the decoding, understanding, and formulation of words. Hence, students who have had Latin do better in English.

•Students of Latin are equipped in a methodology of rigorous analysis. This ability is subsequently expanded beyond Latin. Latin trains minds to encounter unfamiliar material with success, whether in science or another discipline.

•Latin is a paradigm language, providing a wonderful foundation for the study of modern languages and other ancient languages. Mastery of Latin enhances one’s ability to learn Romance languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese. It is also helpful in learning other inflected languages (in which nouns are declined) such as Greek, Russian, and German.

What elective classes do students take?

Students will have many options including classes such as Martial Arts, Archery, Tennis, Violin, Lego, and Art. For more information, please visit the “About our Electives” page.

Is your school associated with a denomination or area church?

CCA is a distinctly Christian institution that is committed to the Word of God, the foundation and guide for all we do. We are not associated with any particular denomination or local church. Our Statement of Faith is reflective of historic, biblical Christianity. We have families, faculty and board members from numerous area churches.

How often is Chapel?

Our Chapel time focuses on developing our students to be more Christ-like. Each month in Lower School, we have a different character theme that we focus on. The teachers integrate character training in all subjects and parents are given resources to implement character training at home. In Upper School, the focus is becoming a Christian Leader.

Is Classical Christian Academy Accredited by any agency or organization?

Classical Christian Academy is fully accredited by Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation and AdvancED.

What is the school’s policy regarding dress codes and uniforms?

CCA requires all students to wear uniform clothing to school. However, we do not require the purchase of certain brands or clothing with our logo. Our uniform dress code policy can be found in our Handbooks and Forms page. 

How are teachers at CCA equipped to teach classically?

All of our teachers are specifically trained in classical and Christian education methods through conferences, class experience, regular in-house training sessions, and reading. Our Latin teacher has been given specific training in the teaching of Latin. Our teachers are committed to our model of education.

Are there community service requirements? 

For High School-Yes. CCA expects students to volunteer and serve in the community. The goal of community service is to provide a vehicle for students to impact their communities outside of their church and school walls. To help students meet this requirement, students will occasionally engage in an off-campus ongoing community service project with CCA.

  – 75 hours over 4 years required for graduation: 9th – 12th grades

Does CCA offer Honors courses?

Yes. Students must be recommended by the Upper School Administrator, Teacher and their parent for Honor courses.

 Will my CCA student be eligible for College scholarships?

Yes, our program requirements are in line with the Bright Futures Scholarship, so students who achieve the required GPA, SAT scores, volunteer hours and other requirements will be eligible to apply. There are many other scholarships available with varying requirements. It is up to CCA families to help students determine the requirements and ensure eligibility. 

 Will CCA plan extra activities for high school students, including sports?

Yes, CCA will plan extra activities and give a memorable high school experience. Students have quarterly activities and an end of the year trip. For information about current high school sports, please see our “Sports” page. 

What is required for Graduation?

Please follow the link to refer to our “High School Handbook.” 

How will students earn language credits?

Primarily, our students choose Spanish as their foreign language. Spanish is offered on campus. However, students may also choose another language and use FLVS or Rosetta Stone.