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Hybrid Program

Classical Christian Academy’s Hybrid Program blends the best aspects of homeschool and private school models. Parents work together in partnership with in-class teachers. The teachers select the curriculum, make the lesson plans and provide support for parents as they teach at home. Hybrid parents have significant responsibility and accountability to ensure at-home work is completed and students comprehend what they’re learning on homeschool days. 


TU/TH – Homeschool
M/W/F – On-campus courses until 3:30 p.m. (1/2 day Kindergarten is until Noon)
M/W/F – Electives are at 1:30 for 6th-8th and 2:30 for 1st-5th


For more information, read the “About Our Electives” page.

Kindergarten students do not have elective options. Kindergarten students take part in music, art, physical education, computer and sign language courses, which are built into their daily schedule.

9th – 12th
High school students are required to take a certain number of electives each semester in order to meet graduation requirements. Electives can be taken at CCA or they can be taken through other means. Some examples are: online courses, special dance or athletic lessons, or specialized training. For more information about the eligibility of taking an external course for school credit, contact CCA’s administration.