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Hybrid Tuition & Fees

2020-2021 Hybrid Tuition And Fees

New Family Application Fee: New Families pay a $50 application fee per family.  This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

New Student Testing Fee: $65 per student. Due when you sign-up for testing.

Tuition Deposit: $250 per family due upon acceptance. 

$250 per family Tuition Deposit 

After March 31st $450 per family Tuition Deposit plus $35 late fee

Annual Tuition: The amount shown is before you make your tuition deposit. Once you sign your Financial Agreement and make your $250 Tuition Deposit, use the charts below to determine the balance amount owed after making the deposit. Your tuition includes no additional or hidden fees. We do not require fundraising participation!

Kinder-Prep $2,775
1/2 Day Kindergarten $2,775
K-5th $5,550
6th-7th $5,775
8th-11th $6,000
12th Grade Flex $5,800

10 Monthly Payments-ten equal payments are due July through April on the 5th or 20th. A $250 Finance Charge per family has been added. 
10 monthly payments1st Student2nd Student  discounted3rd Student  discounted4th Student  discounted
Kinder-Prep and   1/2 day K +$278$230$218$193
12th Grade Flex$580$485$460$410


2 Payments-two equal payments for July 5th and December 5th. A $125 Finance Charge per family has been added.
 2 Semi-annual payments1st Student2nd Student discounted3rd Student discounted4th Student  discounted
Kinder-Prep and   1/2 day K +$1,200/$1,450$1,150$1,088$963
12th Grade Flex$2,713/$2,963$2,425$2,300$2,050

ONE PAYMENT- Due by July 5th

1 Payment1st Student2nd Student discounted3rd Student discounted4th Student discounted
Kinder-Prep and  1/2 day K +$2,525$2,300$2,175$1,925
12th Grade Flex$5,550$4,850$4,600$4,100

+ 1/2 Day Kindergarten has limited availability. 9:00-12:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  One additional class hour per day is required by law and will be completed at home. Examples might be: History, Science, or an elective.  

Important Information: 

Curriculum and school supplies are not included in the cost of tuition.

Uniforms: We have no branded uniform. Students wear basic bottoms and any color polo. We do not require expensive branded uniforms. See the Handbook for more details.

Payment Change: After May 31st there will be a $100 Change fee to Change Payment Type.

Here is a view-only copy of the Continuous Enrollment Agreement you will sign along with your Financial Agreement: Continuous Enrollment Agreement

Financial Policy 2020-2021